Sunday, April 27, 2008

watching 1

In this example of my work, i attempted to showcase the possible textures one can achieve with the acrylic medium...

ice ages past

Friday, April 25, 2008

dark fire

the crimson flow
sticky and damp
hot and steaming
the oil of these monotonous machines
asleep, even as they unceasingly
fight to breathe
the ebbing tide i give you all "peace"
wonder wide-eyed, wander no more
join me in the earth
lit by the cold fire that feeds
my centuries


the answer in cold pavement
frozen rivers sculpted from
callous indifference; a purpose
to make way for fire-breathing beasts
of burden
the half-lit landscape spinning
through a void
only a few of us truly feel
truly see
alive only when we give chase
those who pass beyond the veil
are free to return laden with truth
the rest to simply ignore
sleep is NOTHING like death
no closer to freezing than flame
for within the deepest shadow
pulses the unholy rhythm
within and without
keeping time with the
distant hidden sun